Japanese Tea Bowl Workshop


Linda offers this workshop for groups up to eight adults in her home studio. She has also given it for groups up to twelve adults at Austin Pottery Studio.

SKILL LEVEL: A basic understanding of working with clay is helpful but not required.

Chawan. Tea bowls, called chawan, for Chanoyu, Japanese Tea Ceremony, have been made since the 16th century. Although a chawan appears to be a simple bowl for drinking tea, it is often referred to as a “a hand-held universe” with great attention paid to a harmonious interplay of curve, volume, rim and foot and how well it feels in the hands.

Chado, The Way of Tea, is a classical Japanese art that employs many traditional crafts. It is an aesthetic activity that embodies the principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility.


Workshop Part 1 - 3 hours

The workshop begins with a short version of the Japanese Tea Ceremony to experience the role that the chawan (tea bowl) plays in this 400 year old meditative ritual.

Linda Mosley will describe the types of essential characteristics of chawan, and demonstrate traditional Japanese hand-building methods before you make one. Your work will be glaze fired in time for the second part of the workshop: learning to whisk matcha tea.


Workshop Part 2 - 2 hours

Linda will describe more about Chado, The Way of Tea. Participants will learn to whisk matcha tea for each other in the chawan that they made in Part 1. All tea, utensils, and Japanese confections will be provided.