Linda Mosley makes pottery in a traditional style that is functional as well as an abstract expression of her sense of design in nature. She has taught ceramics and worked mainly with stoneware clay on the potter's wheel and by hand-building for over forty years. She also enjoys Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony).

Linda grew up in a unique small country town near the University of Illinois. Early memories that influence her work include walks through the formal European-style gardens of the Allerton Park, formerly a private estate, nestled among vast corn and soybean fields, as well as working in her parents' small department store on the square surrounding the courthouse. Later visits to gardens and museums in Japan and Europe added to her mix of influences.

Linda and her husband Kim moved to Austin in 2008, from St. Louis, Missouri, where Linda had taught ceramics at the college level and operated her own studio. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree (1975) and has exhibited, lectured and published articles on ceramic art in major American periodicals. She was Editor for the NCECA Journal, and is featured in Richard Zakin's book, Ceramics: Mastering the Craft. Linda helped form and acted as president of two non-profit arts organizations in St. Louis.