for schools. clubs and organizations

PRESENTATIONS for schools, clubs and organizations, and for special events can be held at a home, classroom or meeting room. In some cases, we bring one or more trained assistants to help with set up and serving. The presentation may include these options:

  • An illustrated talk: either an overview or with a focus on Japanese culture, hospitality, the many traditional crafts related to Japanese tea ceremony, tea gardens or architecture.

  • Presentation of an authentic tea ceremony, with these options:

    a) our trained assistant in the main guest role, dressed in kimono, plus one guest from the audience.

    b) two guests from the audience.

    c) up to thirty guests served matcha tea and a Japanese confection (requires 2 or more trained assistants).

The fee varies according to number of guests, number of assistants, distance, etc. We bring all the tea furniture and utensils and can adapt to many locations. Please schedule at least one month in advance.



Taste of Tea - Introduction

Hands-on Workshops

Beginner Series Lessons - Bonryaku Temae

Beyond Bonryaku - Ongoing Lessons

LESSONS are given in the ryurei style, seated on a stool at a low table, rather than in the traditional seiza style, upright kneeling position on tatami floor.

A Taste of Tea  is a one-time introduction to Chado and the guest role while partaking of tea and sweets during an authentic tea ceremony. Fee varies based on location, number of guests, etc. Please schedule one month in advance.

Hand-on Workshop - two options:

  • Whisking Matcha - after a brief introduction to Chado, learn about the characteristics of a tea bowl and how to prepare matcha tea with a bamboo whisk. It’s more fun when at least two people take turns making tea for each other. Matcha and Japanese confections are included. Fee varies on location and number of participants. (Minimum age, 10 years)

  • Tea Bowl Making & Whisking Matcha - in two meetings, learn how to make a hand-built tea bowl, and whisk tea in it during the second meeting, after your tea bowl has been fired. Matcha tea and Japanese confections are included. (Minimum age, 10 years)

Beginner Introduction Series is a 4-10 weeks series of group lessons where students begin learning the bonryaku temae, tray procedure, which can be used in any season to host friends and family. Authentic utensils are provided; matcha and Japanese confections are included. Contact Linda for more information about the next scheduled series.

Beyond Bonryaku - Ongoing Beginner to Intermediate, Private or Group Lessons 
There is much more to learn about Chado, The Way of Tea. You will learn how to host tea gatherings that vary with the season and interests of your guests. Please contact Linda for more information.