Utensils for the Bonryaku Temae

Utensils for the Bonryaku Temae

Beginner Lessons, Introduction Series

Upcoming Sessions: Four Saturdays: April 27, May 4, 11, 18.

Morning Group: 10AM - Noon; Afternoon Group: 2-4 PM

At my home tea room in central Austin

This series of group lessons is an introduction to the Bonryaku Temae, an informal procedure for preparing matcha (powdered green tea) for family and friends in any season and in the ryurei, table style, rather than kneeling on tatami mats. 

Three four-week sessions are recommended to refine your technique and enjoy the practice with others. Private or group lessons are also available. 

Instruction will include: an introduction to the host and guest roles for the Bonryaku Temae; how to select and care for chanoyu utensils, the principles of Chado; how Chado relates to Japanese culture and arts.

Fee: $100 for 4 classes, which includes matcha and Japanese confections, and utensils for use during class except for your own fukusa (silk purification cloth; red for women, purple for men), which you may purchase on your own, or by adding $34 to the enrollment fee. 

For more information, contact Linda.


Instructor - Linda Mosley, is a certified instructor who holds two teaching licenses from Urasenke (裏千家) Chado Foundation, Kyoto, Japan.

Chanoyu  - Literally translated, chanoyu is “hot water for tea,” or Japanese Tea Ceremony in English. This five hundred year old tradition, rooted in Zen Buddhism, is a social and aesthetic communion centered on the preparation of matcha, powdered green tea, with humble sincerity.  

Chado - Those who practice Chado, The Way of Tea, continually refine their ability to create Ichigo Ichie, a once in a lifetime moment, at each gathering. For example, they learn to enhance the experience by selecting utensils, scroll and flowers for each occasion.

Benefits  - The meditative pace and focus on the moment increases awareness and a deeper appreciation of nature and the arts. Continuing to practice the various temae (procedures) exercises memory. Drinking matcha provides healthy antioxidants and gentle, long-lasting stimulation from caffeine.